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Though GDPR is predominantly legal discipline, in digital era it can not be even remotely implemented without gaining proper control of indispensable IT components and processes. Many companies throughout the EU are struggling to accomplish this goal but not everyone possesses needed technical or conceptual knowledge and resources “in house” to tackle multiple complex GDPR issues simultaneously, or even at all. In our company we have stocked proper expertise and resources to help you achieve full GDPR compliance in IT spectrum. Lately we have introduced a new IT role for this purpose: A Data Protection Engineer (Not to be confused with role of Data Privacy Engineer, less complex and more focused on operational aspect of Data Protection).  

Data Protection Engineer should be seen as an senior assistant to DPO, or a deputy DPO. As such, it is the main IT technical advisor of DPO, an extension of DPO role in IT domain.  

As the DPO must be able to perform its duties independently, in practice it turned out that that can pose a real challenge when it comes to cooperation with IT professionals, as they simply don’t speak the same business “language”. While the DPO thinks mainly in legal and compliance terms, IT professionals have their priorities set in much different order. In a way, a very specific conflict of interests arises and process of gaining control and GDPR compliance goes in stalemate or is being significantly impaired. Enter Data Protection Engineer. 

As someone who is intimately familiar with both disciplines and eloquently speaks both the business “languages”, Data Protection Engineer (DPE) acts as an intermediate between DPO and IT. DPE is able to “translate” GDPR requirements in concreate conceptual, procedural and technical solutions and coordinate their implementation with IT stakeholders.    

If you, as a DPO, and your organization needs this kind of specialist support, we are here to help you.

Our DPE’s have proven record of at least 15 years of experience in largest and the most complex IT environments throughout the EU. Their expertise is multidisciplinary and their experience is vast. It goes without saying, they have mastered and embraced GDPR to the fullest, combining all their skills and knowledge for one ultimate purpose: to make companies not just GDPR compliant but also “Data Privacy Friendly”. If you want to know more about DPE role and availability of our specialists, feel free to contact us.