Lawfulness, fairness and transparency - Purpose limitation - Data minimization - Accuracy - Storage limitation - Integrity and confidentiality - Accountability

On Monday 30 September we organize a webinar for selected audience of mostly DPOs and few other Data Protection professionals.

We would like to invite you to participate in this informative event during which we’ll present capabilities of our high-end GDPR software solution Data Privacy Manager, as well as our technical GDPR consultancy services.

We understand that DPO’s have a very tight daily schedules and therefore we tried to plan this in hopefully more convenient part of the day/week.

Our mission is to unburden DPOs and help them to gain and keep maximum control over their domain, to save their budget and enable them to be informed in real time about executions of procedures, Data Subject’s requests and other processes. Coming webinar is an opportunity for DPOs to first-handedly zoom in on exactly those aspects which they consider troublesome or too expensive in their current setting, and compare them to alternatives which we can offer.

We hope you’ll join us on Monday and give us an opportunity to demonstrate that GDPR compliance is truly achievable with much less discomfort, frustration and costs than what you have probably experienced so far.