Lawfulness, fairness and transparency - Purpose limitation - Data minimization - Accuracy - Storage limitation - Integrity and confidentiality - Accountability

DPM Trainings:

To facilitate smooth incorporation and maximum utilization of Data Privacy Manager in organizations, in cooperation with our partners and creators of DPM, we offer a pallet of trainings for users, and in case of corporate version also application managers. Trainings are primarily being conducted online, on-prem trainings are possible. All materials are provided in digital form before the start. DPM trainings are not mandatory for the use of DPM but they are offered as an extra service in case of preference or specific need. 

DPE treining:

Data Protection Engineer (DPE) is a new complex, challenging but also very noble role in IT and it requires senior level of expertise and experience. As an DPE, you are the right hand of Data Protection Officers in IT domain, you translate GDPR requirements in concrete IT solutions and procedures.

To be able to perform and deliver on this level and in this role, you have to be not only senior IT professional with working knowledge of multiple operating systems and relational databases, but foremost you need to understand data on a more abstract level than customary in IT. You have to master GDPR legal aspects to the full, and be a creative mind in translating various legal parameters in system requirements.

For people who want to commit themselves to goal of helping organizations achieve GDPR compliance and promoting Data Privacy and Protection as a just and proper way to deal with data, we have designed a tailor-made course for this purpose. If you are ready for the next step in your career and want to be amongst the first pioneers of this discipline in EU, this is your chance. For more info about this unique training please contact our team.